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You’ve probably seen all of the drain cleaning chemicals on the shelves at your local hardware store. While these products have been around for what seems like forever, the truth is they’ve never really been a great option for removing stubborn clogs or backups. Not only are these drain cleaners extraordinarily toxic, but they’re also dangerous to use. Even a small amount of skin exposure can result in chemical burns that cause serious injury. In fact, they’re so acidic they can actually corrode your drain lines and damage them, resulting in an even bigger problem.

However, chemical drain cleaners are now a thing of the past. With a drain cleaning and maintenance treatment plan from One Source Plumbing, our Dallas plumbing team can make sure your drains stay clear, clean, and free from clogs. We’re proud to offer Bio Drain One, a revolutionary biological drain cleaning product designed to decimate clogs without the harm to your drain lines or the risk to you and your family. Bio Drain One is completely safe, non-toxic, and harmless to your pipes because it only targets organic matter using a specialized type of live, vegetative bacteria. You’ll start to see a difference in your drains with just one treatment, and with regular treatments, you may never have to worry about clogs backing up your drains again.

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How Bio Drain One Works

Bacteria are the most plentiful type of life found on earth. In fact, bacterial organisms are everywhere: in the air, in our soil, in our food, and even in us, such as in our stomachs and digestive tracts. If you drink milk or consume cheese, you’re consuming a food product which depends on bacteria for both sanitation and preparation. Even our fruits and vegetables depend on bacteria in their soil in order to get the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. It’s one of these types of beneficial bacteria which makes Bio Drain One a powerful and effective drain cleaning solution.

What are some advantages of Bio Drain One?


      • Completely natural: Bio Drain One contains no chemicals, emulsifiers, solvents, or soaps that could corrode your pipes or present a hazard for your home or your family.

      • EPA Certified: Bio Drain One has obtained the EPA’s “Safer Choice” certification.

      • Odor-free: Bio Drain One cleans and freshens drains without adding any additional odors. You’ll notice a better-smelling home from the very first treatment.

      • Eco-friendly: Bio Drain One is 100% biodegradable, non-pathogenic, and completely non-toxic. It does not harm water supplies like rivers or streams, and is completely safe to use around children and pets.

    Bio Drain One is unlike any other drain cleaner you’ve ever used. While most drain cleaners rely on strong acids and toxic chemicals to eat away at clogs, Bio Drain One’s specialized bacteria use an all-natural process to remove clogs and buildup. These aren’t the bacteria which cause illness—they’re completely harmless to humans and animals. Rather, these vegetative bacteria consume organic matter like grease, sugars, starches, soap scum, and other blockage-causing debris that creates the overwhelming majority of drain clogs.

    As the bacteria continue to consume the matter out of your drain lines, it spreads throughout the lines in your home. After a while, these bacteria completely eat away at all organic matter in your lines, leaving your drains completely clear and free from gunk, buildup, or other issues that could result in pesky clogs after a while. For homeowners, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t have to worry about a clog suddenly interrupting your day to day life.



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