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Sewer lines carry the waste from your home to the municipal sewer system. If there is a clog or the line is damaged, it will not be able to work as it should and the waste may back up into your home. If this happens, call One Source Plumbing. We have highly knowledgeable and experienced plumbing and drain specialists to deal with all types of problems with sewers in Dallas.


Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Problems with sewer lines can have a variety of causes. Our licensed plumbers have the knowledge, education, and equipment to locate problems with sewers in Dallas. We are equipped to pinpoint the source of the clog or damage to your sewer line and provide the needed repair or replacement. We offer everything from clearing clogs to replacing the entire line.

Common causes of sewer line breaks, disconnections, and other damages include:
  • Corrosion due to old age
  • A shift in the ground
  • Poor installation
  • Accidents during a previous renovation or landscaping
  • Tree roots growing in the sewer line
  • Clogs caused by oil, food waste, and other debris

Watching Out for Sewer Clogs

There are several signs you can watch out for if you are concerned there is a problem in your sewer line. The most obvious sign that you have a blocked up sewer pipe is backed up drains throughout your home. If you notice that every drain in your home appears to be emptying slowly, a sewer line clog is likely the culprit. Your lawn can also show signs of a sewer problem. You may notice sewer gas odor, extra-green patches on your lawn, indentations in the ground or under pavers, or wastewater pooling in the yard. We can provide Dallas sewer cleaning services to get your pipes back in shape and running normally in no time

Discovering When to Replace a Sewer Line

If the damage to your pipe consists of a small leak or pinhole breaks, you may be able to spot repair the pipe and avoid a major system replacement. However, even if the damage to your pipes is minor now, you should consider a replacement if you home is 5 decades old. Otherwise, minor breakages in very old sewer pipes merely indicate that more breakages are going to occur. If your home is older, but not past the 40 year mark, a sewer pipe inspection can help you determine how much your pipes have deteriorated. If roots from trees on your property have infiltrated your line, sometimes the damage can be severe enough to require a full sewer line replacement.

Decide on a Solution with a Sewer Camera Inspection

Depending on the location and extent of the damage to your sewer line, it may need to be either repaired or replaced. Determining the source of the problem can be difficult without the help of a professional plumber. We use live video camera inspection equipment to detect sewer line problems. The camera is placed in the sewer line and our plumbers can view the inside of the pipe in real time from the video feed. This allows us to evaluate the condition of the pipe, locate the source of the problem, and recommend either repair or replacement.


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