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Backflow Testing Services in Dallas, Texas

One Source Plumbing Backflow certifies, inspects, repairs and installs all backflow assemblies utilizing experienced, TCEQ licensed professionals. 

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One Source Plumbing Backflow Services in Dallas

One Source Plumbing is a big part of Dallas / Ft worth metroplex  helping and providing to keep our drinking water safe. Testable  backflow assemblies protect our drinking water from potential  contaminants that could impair water quality, spread disease or  cause illness and death.

Your water company has a public safety  mandate to enforce backflow assembly installation, maintenance  and testing yearly. One Source Plumbing assist for all new construction and or  existing homeowners, multifamily, plumbers, landscapers,  property mangers, maintenance coordinators, property owners  and business’s to quickly schedule visits, complete test reports, and file paperwork promptly to any and all city’s / municipalities in a timely manner. One Source Plumbing makes it easy for you to stay compliant with  your annual backflow inspections and certifications.

To schedule testing or for pricing, please call: 214-974-4928

We are licensed to test, repair, and replace your Commercial  or Residential Backflow Systems.

One Source Plumbing makes it easy for you to stay compliant with  your annual Backflow inspections and certifications . The difference with One Source Plumbing  is you get all our services in one visit.  

One Source Plumbing  is licensed not only to certify your Backflow device but we are also eligible to do the install with our  license. 

One Source Plumbing  clients appreciate that we have repaired and  installed thousands of backflow preventers and have solved the  toughest issues and completed by calling not several companies  but just one to resolve any backflow task. 

One Source Plumbing  inspects all backflow sizes and indoor sprinkler suppression  systems. Our inspections include on site certification testing,  report documentation filing with the city, and a copy of the report  for client records for water backflow prevention assembly serving  water.

To schedule testing or for pricing, please call: 214-974-4928

Although, it has been a requirement for sprinkler systems to have a backflow preventer for some time, not all do. Older systems, handyman installed, do-it yourself systems are all types of sprinkler systems that may not have a proper backflow preventer installed. A backflow preventer has to be able to be tested for it to qualify as an appropriate type. In some cases, a high-hazard backflow preventer known as a reduced pressure backflow preventer (RP or RPZ) is required. We are certified and licensed to test, repair, and install whichever type of backflow preventer you have or may need.

Backflow preventers are installed on irrigation systems and other applications to  protect our drinking supply from possible contamination. Pesticides, fertilizer,  pet feces can all be introduced into a sprinkler system as the sprinklers shuts  down and retract. Cross-connection is also another potential source of  contamination. Under normal circumstances water is pressurized and flows  through the water meter towards the intended faucet or outlet waiting to be  used. There are however some situations (i.e. flushing fire hydrants, leaks in the  city mainline, etc.) which can cause a reversal of the flow of water back through  the water meter and into the city main where it can be consumed. There have  been multiple cases of people becoming very sick and even some deaths due  to consumption of contaminated water.


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